IIFM Olympiad Offerings 2024-25
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We help students to build capacity for resilience and thoughtfulness in their decision-making so that they can be well-rounded solution finders.

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International Finance Olympiad
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  • International Finance Olympiad is an initiative of International Institute of Financial Markets Ltd. to make young learners of class 8th to 12th familiar with the need and art of managing money.
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Global Olympiad on Aptitude
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  • Global Olympiad on Aptitude for classes 8th to 12th. With a vision of making students understand the value of Aptitude and know its dynamics at a young age.
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World GK
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  • World GK Olympiad is for classes 8th to 12th with a vision of making students understand the value of what is happening around the world and inculcate the holistic development of students at school level.
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“Students should learn to apply concepts in day-to-day problems and develop parallel thinking to solve a question by different methods”

IIFM Ltd. offers a series of competition for school students (8 th to 12 th ) in the diverse fields. This process is a collaborative effort with school leaders working in tandem with classroom teachers to develop three categories for Student’s competencies which include cognitive, application and evaluation.
Education and career navigation skills include the personal characteristics, processes, and knowledge that influence individuals as they navigate their educational and career paths while learning, self-direction, and a positive predisposition to lifelong learning, as well as how important academics are with the basic knowledge of personal finance, world economy and aptitude skills are to progressing along the continuum from school to college to career.

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Engaging Campaign

Students will be engaged in learning and internalize the academic side which develop the skills and dispositions to cope with the world as it is, while helping them build the courage to change the status quo.




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