Finance Olympiad

Finance Olympiad is an initiative to make young kids familiar with the need and art of managing money. It is expected that gradually the adolescents shall inculcate the habit of analyzing finance in their day to day life, shall strive for savings and shall also invest their available resources to multiply their worth so that they have comfortable resources for their future endeavors.

Important Dates

Registrations Open

Registrations Closes - September 30, 2014
School Olympiad Round - November 2014
Invitation for Regional Round - November 30, 2014
Regional Rounds - December 2014
Invitation for National Round - December 30, 2014
National Round (Grand Finale) - January 2015


Gold@13 : Class 8th, 9thand 10th- Finance Olympiad
Gold@15 : Class 11th and 12th - Finance Olympiad
Gold@18 : University Students between the age group of 17-22 - Classroom Training